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You will receive a $10 gift certificate or online credit to your account that can be used for event registrations, admission, membership, or gift shop purchases.  Multiple purchases can be combined into a single gift certificate.  The credit will be added to the account associated with the purchaser's email.  
You will receive a $5 gift certificate or credit to your account that can be used for event registrations, admission, membership, or gift shop purchases.  Multiple purchases can be combined into a single gift certificate.  The credit will be added to the account associated with the purchaser's email.  
Gift Membership$60.00 USD
You will be emailed a code that can be redeemed for a family or grandparent membership.  This code will expire 1 year after purchase date.
Each kit has six animals that you can build.
Learn about plate tectonics, seismic activity and more!  Learn how to engineers build buildings to withstand earthquakes and apply that knowledge to build and test an earthquake proof tower with the included materials.
Learn about physics and air pressure with this fun kit!  Price includes tax.
Learn about air power and rocket science and build 4 different rocket powered vehicles with this kit.  Price includes tax.
This large hardcover book highlights animals that live and survive in extraordinary ways.  
This cute 4" bunny is the perfect addition to any Easter Basket.  It comes in 4 color choices:  Brown, cream, blue, or pink.
Build your own magnetic mixer to create a chocolate milk tornado!  Kit includes a comic book with characters that build a magnetic mixer to save the day at their school.  Price includes tax.
Learn about electric circuits and create 5 games to play with this kit.  2 AA batteries are required.  Price includes tax.
This large hardcover book is packed with all sorts of facts about space and the Earth's atmosphere, presented in lots of fun, full color illustrations.
Be a paleontologist and dig up a dinosaur skeleton! Includes everything you need to discover and display a dinosaur skeleton. Price includes tax.
Learn all about dinosaurs with this interactive lift the flaps book.  There are 70 flaps to lift, and at least 100 facts to discover.  Tax is included in price.
Make your own bounce ball with the provided materials!  Two color options available.  This price includes tax.
Learn how kaleidoscopes work and create your own!  Try the bug eye prismatic lens or load up the jewel tube.  There are endless creative possibilities with this kit!
Explorer Pack$14.04 USD
Be an explorer in your own back yard with our explorer pack.  Contains thermometer, hand lens, petri dish, pipette, notebook, and pencil in a carrying bag.  Notebook color will vary.  Price includes tax.
Grow your own crystals and use the provided cutouts, clay, and mini figurines to turn each crystal into its own tiny world.  Create fun fantasy scenes or travel below the sea.  What will your imagination create?  Price includes tax.
These bears love space and give cuddles out of this world!
This large hardcover book is covered with illustrations in pink, blue, and yellow.  Use the enclosed viewing lenses to see the different plants and animals that live in the areas depicted.  Provides hours of entertainment!
This old fashioned wooden toy makes a great fidget object.  Price includes tax.
This fun toy stretches and expands into a larger ball.  Great example for teaching preschoolers the concept of density.  Six colors available.  Color is determined by the color of the tips.
Explore the concept of magnetic fields with this slime-like putty.   Each putty is packaged in an air tight tin and comes with a magnet.  4 assorted colors.  Price includes tax.
Mars Mud$3.78 USD
This glow in the dark slime is out of this world!  It comes in 3 fun colors:  Green/red swirl, pink/red swirl, and green/purple swirl.
This book contains lots of Minecraft inspired projects for learning STEM concepts.  Perfect for young Minecraft fans. Price includes tax.
This kit includes the materials you need to create your own 3" wide dreamcatcher.   You'll need to provide scissors, glue, a clothespin (or other clip to clamp materials in place) and a ruler. 
This kit was created especially for preschoolers and includes the materials to make 10 different clothespin animals.   Age 4+.  Price includes tax
NASA Bears$13.50 USD
These cute bears wear NASA tee shirts and are very soft.  Buy one for cuddles out of this world!
This set includes a gyroscope, magnets, and a prism.
Owl Puke$16.20 USD
Owl pellets, or owl puke contain the parts of the animal that the owl is unable to digest.  The owl regurgitates the pellet 18-20 hours after feeding.  Dissect and explore 2 owl pellets with this science kit.  Uncover and reassemble entire skeletons of the animals the owl ate.  Both pellets are heat sterilized.   Price includes tax. 
Does your child miss our exhibit hall and Discovery Town's vet clinic?  Take the fun home with this playset.  It includes 2 animals to care for and all of the tools your little veterinarian needs to ensure the pets are healthy.    Price includes tax.
Make your own FM radio with this interactive kit.  Price includes tax.
Make your own mass accelerating ball launchers!  The balls will actually bounce higher than you drop them!  Price includes tax.
Brain boggling science magic tricks to make secret messages, spy on friends, and keep your pocket money safe!  Price includes tax.
Turn a smartphone or tablet into a portable science lab!  Reveal microscopic worlds, race satellites, see invisible messages, and more!  Price includes tax
Build a real working clock powered by soda!  Price includes tax
This book has 52 different projects that kids can do at home.  
Strider Bike$118.79 USD
Easily train your child to learn a bike using Strider bikes. This bike teaches children from 18 months to 5 years to balance, so they can hop on a bike when they are ready! This item features an adjustable seat. Store this bike on the Strider Base for little ones. Shown in green. Price includes tax.
Can't wait to have your child ride a bike? Start them early with the Strider rocking base.  Just set your Strider Bike on the sturdy base and have children from 12-24 months rockin' and ridin'!  
Telescope Kit$13.50 USD
Explore the night sky with this telescope kit.  This is a good beginner telescope that requires some assembly.  Price includes tax.